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Instructions for using the Khorda Avesta ebooks

Provided by Soli Dastur.

  1. On the main page, Avesta Zoroastrian Archives, scroll down until you see three columns: left one for Avesta, middle one for: Middle Persian/Pahlavi and the right one for: Other.
  2. Under the left column: Avesta, scroll down until you see the weblink for: Khorda Avesta (Gujarati).
  3. Click on it and you will see the outside binding of the 1936 Gujarati Khordeh Avesta by Kangaji.
  4. On upper left corner, you will see a left arrow and a right arrow to go backwards and forwards in the book page by page. Try them. (The up arrow takes you back to the Home page.)
  5. Also, on the right side of the Right Arrow, you will see a small window with "1.Cover" in it and a down arrow which when clicked gives you a list of all pages of the book.
  6. You can enter any page number you want to see in the small window to go to that page.
  7. You can also click the down arrow and go down to any particular page that you want to see by selecting that page number in the list.
  8. The Index for this Gujarati Khordeh Avesta is on e-book (eB) pages: 19 and 20, which are on the pages 33-35 of the original Gujarati Khordeh Avesta (KhA) in the first part of the book.
  9. These e-book (eB) page numbers are not the same as the original Khordeh Avesta (KhA) Page Numbers because each e-book page has 2 pages of the original Khordeh Avesta and the real page numbers in the Khordeh Avesta starts after about 22 pages in the original book.
  10. To find a particular page number in the original Khordeh Avesta in this e-book, here is a simple algorithm:

Suppose you want to see Sarosh Yasht Vadi (SYV) in this book.